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A special thank you to all of our fans that follow the band and support our gigs.  When you have a good time, we have good time and it makes it all worthwhile!

We would also like to thank Doug's wife Teresa, and our friend Gene for photographing the band at our gigs, great job!


Video from Port Jazz, 7/3/2010:

Hurts So Good -- 

Alright Now      --

Rockin' in the Free World --


Our next public gig is at TJ Halpins Restaraunt and Pub on the Golf course. The Date is this Friday, October 17th ,2014. Start time is 9:00pm and will play till 12am. Come down and Rock with us.

We play classic rock and roll and that includes Benny King ,Beatles,Tommy James,U2,Grateful Dead,Clapton,Zepplin,

Stones,Skynyrd,Stevie Ray,Tom Petty and Santana.And much more. See you Friday.


Tha address is 303 Arrowhead lane South Setauket, NY 11720







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